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witches ring power spirit deity offering gray magick money wealth riches enchant
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witches ring power spirit deity offering gray magick money wealth riches enchant
witches ring power spirit deity offering gray magick money wealth riches enchant

witches ring power spirit deity offering gray magick money wealth riches enchant

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You are considering this pendant for its physical being as jewelry. *As per eCRATER policy I must state that any item listed as mystical, metaphysical, paranormal or extraordinary is not allowed on eCRATER and is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The item is listed as jewelry and any information contained in this product is fro MY OWN personal experiences with the item(s). So I am not and will not be held responsible for the level of activity or lack their of activity of these items. This item is being sold as jewelry and not as haunted or by any means metaphysical. Here is your opportunity to obtain a truly delightful piece that you can use and cherish for all your life and pass along to others. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this offering or need anything, this as well as all our offerings are owned and keep by us; the witch coven known as witchtalismans sisters of the north. While using an older digital camera, we have taken hundreds of pictures of this offering and have shared a small number of them here. Authentic offering owned and kept by our coven, a coven the is comprised of 13 coven members. TACITA Enchantress Queen of Gray Magick this deity inhabited vessel spirit ring size 8 U.S (Europe 17.15)haunted ring TACITA Enchantress Queen of Gray Magick powerful spirit offering one of a kinddeity vesselThis ring has the power and enchantment of an ancient witch deity known as TACITA Enchantress Queen Of Gray Magick The spirit of this entity is alive within this ancient ring.Once owned and kept by Isabella and the great Arab sorcerer Aban, some of their powers and the deity are bonded to this ring, the keeper commands the power of these beings through this ring.Intense magick and power surrounds this wonderful ring, as it is truly a one of a kind & handmade probably over 1200 years ago, it bears NO STAMPINGS or NO markings like 925 or NO writing but does have its unique design and stone on the base. When glanced upon by others it is obvious this ring possess a great amount of energy.Authentic one of a kind deity offering. This offering is from witchtalismans Sisters of the north witch covenName of Deity; TACITA (Enchantress Queen Of Gray Magick )Order/ Race or Class of Deity; Ancient European Witch spirit deityOrigin /lands of inhabitant; Pescara ItalyNature; Mild mannered deity who have NOT posed any threats to mortal mankindPowers/ abilities; Tacita is a powerful wielder of gray magick,(as she have been known to kill and to heal those who crossed her) she uses her powers to perform rituals, spells, incantations, invocations and many other task. The extent of her powers are endless.....although she was born as a "natural inhabited of this earth" (a mortal) this spell caster is feared by not only just other spell casters but also deities, spirits and entities in this and other realms. Tacita is a being that has command and total obedience of Djinns and some other unnatural deities. This enchantress is capable of bringing abundance to those that she favor and immense destruction to those that she do not. It is not uncommon for her to manipulate magick in; shapeshifting, scrying, voodoo, earth magick, mind control, elemental, levitation, teleportation, spell casting and many other techniques of magick. Manifestation; This beautiful witch deity has long flowing hair sun tanned skin and lovely physical appearance.Offerings accepted; Rose petals are a delight to this wonderful deity, as she is very much attracted to the scent of this lovely flower. Planets influence; The Planet Venus is highly loved by this witch deity.History; With no other choice, as she was literally back into a corner wedged inby two male highly skilled practitioners of dark magick, she raised her arms and signaled with a sudden response to her movements a wave of energy struck the men like a falling tree hitting the earth. She showed them mercy, by not ending their mortal lives orrippingtheir souls but rather as a penalty she absorbed and took ownership of their powers, again a small price to pay. Especially when considering who they chose to trifle with, a powerful and highly skilled user of Gray magick. As they knew that she was a powerful witch but, perhaps they did not realize exactly just HOW powerful this witch was??? Born in Pescara Italy, it was obvious that Tacita was a natural with the manipulation of magick as her parents could mentally "hear" her voice and communicate with their daughter at the age of 6 months. At first they were astonished to behold such a feat but this was just the beginning of many others, in the very near future. At the age of 2 she formed a working vocabulary that allowed her to engage in understanding and conversing with ten year old children. It was obvious that she was "getting out of her own way" to begin early in learning and mastering the usage of magick . Because of her showing immense promise and a need by the people in here village, at the age of thirteen Tacita became a apprentice to an 13 member all women witch coven and was taught complex rituals, spells and ceremonies. She immediately began to excel as what took the average adult spell caster to learn in 3 years she was able to perform it in one year. The coven placed immense importance on teaching Tacita about using magick for benevolent reasons and stressed that magick is not something that should be used only to improve ones own life, but also the lives of others too. While they did teach her the ways of white magick, they also taught her Black magick too as a means of defense and to balance her abilities. Tacita spent 15 years traveling to far off lands in this realm and other reams learning and becoming a powerful and highly respected witch. After her studies Tacita spent 35 years in what is now known as China where she extended her own knowledge of magick and trained withother witches in the ways of evocation and astral projection.She again traveled the world and endowed witch coven's with knowledge, tools and spells as well as helping her own clients, family and friends with magickofferings. Once in Germany while teaching an all woman witchcovenin the various forms ofmagick practiced throughout the world, Tacitawas baitedby two practitioners of black magick whom she followed to the outside and immediately found thatit was a trap. They demanded that she banish her powers into a vessel which they owned but the well accomplished Tacita was NOT going to willingly relinquish her powers. The two men used a binding spell that commands the powers of dark order deities to hold and bind a user of magick ....a spell that is usually too powerful for the above average witch to break! But Tacita is an extremely above average enchanter and with her energy she was able to banish the trappings of the spell within less than two minutes. It was at that point the two dark practitioners found out why Tacita was known as; The Enchantress Queen Of Gray Magick!!!! Being that Tacita was literally backed into a corner knowing that even with her powers if these enchanters followed through with a spell which they had begun in the event the binding spell would not hold her, they could end her mortal life within seconds....So Tacita raised her arms in the air and like an composer in full motion, she bond their magick and remove every essence and knowledge of magick from their minds' souls and hearts. She had just extracted and contained decades of knowledge with just mere seconds, but what she did NOT do is to end their mortal lives. This ring contains the power and essence of the powerful witch Tacita The enchantress Queen Of Gray Magick. Her Knowledge powers of the ages and those which she have learned from, powers she have taken are all within this high energy vessel. Our Coven witchtalismans interaction; This deity was used by our coven to help some our clients bring wishes of wealth, through visualization. This offering have been part of our coven for over 35 years.Advice from our coven; This deity possess a great deal of power that can be life-threatening and dangerous to both the keeper and those who are influenced through this offering.If you have knowledge of deities, you know that although demons, deities, djinn, Faery and many other creatures have intense powers, they are limited to something that controls them like no other…….THEIR NAMES!!! If a mortal person possess the TRUE name of a deity, that mortal shall command power over that deity. Here we have listed the true name of the deity however we have cast a spell ritual that prevents nearly all spell caster (even some of the most trained and skilled) from taking control of the deity through its name. The deity is bond by his/her name and will use its powers to follow the commands of the person.You are considering; A very unique and what our coven describes as a highly intense energy ring. This ring is made of unknown properties from unknown lands and is of an unknown age. An absolutely one of a kind offering to behold! This ring is something to SEE; to truly understand and feel its energy. This ring has a unique design and style, and is one of a kind. The weight of this ring is about 10 grams.With all items of magick we suggest caution, as this offering possess great energy and power even offerings that have good or benevolent nature could be dangerous to persons. Deities and their powers can be uncertain as the offering still has powers of spirits which could cause unintentional negativity, this mainly FROM the user’s thoughts or nature.haunted ring Tacita The Enchantress Queen Of Gray Magick powerful spirit offering one of a kinddeity vesselThis ring offering is NOT limited to gender, as it can be used by any who has an interest / desire for it. Anyone that feels that she/he is being pulled to this offering is ask to strongly consider and contemplate if this offering is TRULY for him/her. The magic of this offering is
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